Want your mind to just shut up? Try this


Have you ever felt that you just can´t shut your mind off? Maybe it´s nothing special that is bothering you. Things are just fine, but somehow your mind is just flattering in front of you like a drunk butterfly?

I have had that many times in my life. And deep inside I know that the reason is that I am doing it to myself. But I could not really put my finger on how or why it happens.

Sure, I have turned my phone and TV of from time to time and just being in silence, but still it did not get me as calm as I had hoped.

the noble silence in the 10-days mediation course I went to this summer answered this question.

Truthfully I could not really understand the whole "noble silence" thing in the beginning. it sounded good in theory but I did not understand the real reason for it.

After 9 days of silence I had noticed that mediation was not as hard as I had thought. It´s hard in many ways but I noticed that I got my mind to quiet down a little faster each day.

Day 10 arrived which ment that the noble silence was over, and we all could talk to each other. The teacher also said that it would not be any serious mediation going on at this day.

I did not truly got what the teacher ment until we all started talking.

It was a chock, all the voices, the noise level, peoples energies, everything just rushed trough the whole center. My whole being felt very stressed and nervous.

After talking it was time for our first hour of mediation of the day, and that is when I realized what the teacher had talked about. The mediation got 100 times harder. Everything I heard in the last few hours just took over my mind, and that was pretty much it for a while until I got my mind a little calmer.

So, here came one of the revitalization.

If a couple of hours of talking and outer influences makes it hard for myself to calm the mind down. No wonder that many times in my regular life that I find it so hard to calm my mind down. Cause it´s not all talking and listening. It´s being out in the society, other peoples energies, social media, iPhone, emails, phone calls, test messages,

here is a list with what you need to get to get your mind so calm down:

- Someone reminding you everyday to focus on the moment, each and every moment.

- Whenever you start to think to much, you need someone to remind you to stop thinking and be in the moment.

- Someone who decides when you can check emails, Facebook and other things.

- Someone that will keeps track on your reactions to outer things, and then keep you from not reacting.


sounds great, right?

And no the list is not at all serious,


What you can do is to start become aware of all the outer influences that you account er, and watch yourself and see how you react.

A small change can also help you not to react.


Try this:

- close your eyes and tune into your breath. Don´t try or think to much about it. Just close your eyes and feel your breath going in and out of your nostrils.

- every time you breath out, relax your whole body completely. Do this a couple of times, and see if you can come back into your body.

See if this helps to calm your mind.

My new thing is to stop watching or reading stuff on TV or the computer that makes me feel overwhelmed with any kind of feelings. Cause it effects me in a very bad way. It makes me stressed and unfocused on the things that matters.

Is there anything you watch or do that make you feel anxious, nervous or scared? Maybe try being without it one or a couple of hours or days and see if you feel a difference in your life and mind?

This is a a part of what my online program ResetToHappy will be about. Check out for more info very soon.

Try it and report back to me here

Also, if you have any questions about the 10-day Vipassana-meditation course I would be happy to answer them!

Comment with your Q here or email me at info@nuadthaiyoga.com




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