Why I kept eating when I was not hungry


Why? Cause it has taken me my whole life so far to realize that I was not listening to my body. 
I thought I was listening to my body. When I thought I was hungry I eat, when I thought needed sleep, I rested.

The problem was I never really felt satisfied, Not food wise, and I just kept getting more tired.

Then, a couple of years ago something started stirring inside me.

I started reading about mindfulness (which was pretty much a new concept for me) and articles about what the feeling of hunger and different reasons to feeling tired is.

I have had a deeper source or understanding far down in my mind, but it was not before a couple of years ago that I started to understand what it really was.

That was when I realized that what I thought was hunger was not really hunger, what I thought was me needing rest, that was not true either.

What was wrong?

To cut it short – I had been listening to my emotions my entire life, instead of my physical body.
That was when things got much clearer.


I started noticing that when I felt any emotions. happy, sad, stressed, my mind went straight to what I should put inside my body, to eat. Because my mind did not want to stay in that state, or if it was a good emotion, like happiness, it was looking for a bigger kick.


I noticed that when I started to exercise more, and eat better I got less tired, and my sleep patterns got much healthier. I still love (and need) to sleep, but I can now see a difference in when I need to rest, and when I need to get my booty moving.


This was the beginning of a long journey of self work and realization.



I have been working hard on getting to know my own body, physically and mentally, it will be a life time learning, and it´s a very interesting one.
I have come so far from just a couple of years ago when I was not sure about what my body was telling me.

Now after much studying of my Nuad Thai Yoga practice, anatomy, mindfulness, spiritual and other amazing mentors and teachers, I want to share what I have learn t to you.

If you are struggling with your own body and the connection between thoughts, emotions (self care) and what your body is really telling you, I am creating a program “ResetToHappy” where you will go through your entire body from feet to head, where you step by step will experience your body and the connection with your mind on the way. It all will coll-orate with meditation and breathing.

I believe that the connection and understanding where we keep tension and emotional blockages in our body, can help us understand so much about ourselves– and from that release old habits and patterns – from that – get back to happy into our body and mind.

Take action for some self realization, I would love to hear your thoughts.

What do you listen more to? Your mind or body, and why?

Comment below;


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