Scared of your own emotions?

Have you ever been afraid of your own emotions? Feeling that you don´t have the control over them that you would like?

I believe it is very common.

Your body is so smart. And the body and mind rather push things away then to deal with it.

I also believe that a lot of habits and stuff can be stuck in our bodies without us being aware of it. The body is probably reacting to it but not in the way that is obvious.

It´s not that the mind will figure out exactly why you are feeling stressed, anxious or having pains in your physical body.

I believe that listen to the actual physical body is the answer. Listen and feeling our body and by follow our intuition of what to do, we can release the negative emotions, patterns and stuff.

By really listen to your body and knowing how to work the body.

How does this sound to you?


I am all up in this right now. Cause this is what my upcoming online course is about.


When your mind ignores your worries, your body does the talking. What’s your body telling you?


Stop feeling tired and have the energy to do everything you want for your life.

What if you could release emotional issues and stop the aches and pains,  what if you could release it by knowing how to, and find the true reason for your suffering.

What if by massaging and taking care of yourself will get your stress level down and make the anxiety go away.

This is a 4 week course where you will go through your body and mind bit by bit and though that, get to know yourself on a whole other level. And from that hopefully find the true source of issues.

I will be there along the way during the 4 weeks, but you can complete the course whenever best suits you as well. Once you have signed up, it is yours for life.


I will offer the first 10 spots for free so if you are interested in this course, email me at: and claim your spot!


Your turn to take action; comment below and share of what you do to take care of your emotional and physical well being, maybe what you do can help someone else.





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