Forgive yourself, that is the only thing you need to do today

You know that voice that come from inside, the negative aspect of every being that pushes you down?

I have been and are still struggling with that voice, telling me what an ugly failed being I am.

But after years of just letting it swirl around, I started to talk back to it. I started to discuss with it why it needs to be there and why it keeps telling me negative things.

That did not really help..

It was when I started to add COMPASSION into myself that things started to change. Whenever the voice came up I started to forgive it and feel love and compassion for it. I noticed how the "voice" got confused at first, but the compassion and love I put into myself helped made the voice get less loud and the forgiveness slowly opened up blockages, which I then could let go.

What I know now is that alot of what that voice really are is memories, patterns and emotional blockages that has gotten stuck from growing up. And from not forgiving myself for inrooted memories and blockages, the voice got stuck on repeat.

In Nuad Thai Yoga we believe that emotional issues shows up physically in the body as aches, pains, tightness and many other issues. Thai helped me release emotional blockages that had been hidden in different part of the body. Keeping forgiving myself helps me to stop adding further blockages and emotional problems. It´s all connected.


Now when the voice comes up I embrace myself and tell myself "I forgive you" I forgive myself for all that I have done, things that happen, thought I have had..

Remember, there is nothing to wait for. Don´t wait for the right time, forgive yourself now, i this moment. The past and the future are history and fiction. You only have this moment.

Try it today and comment below, did you found a shift? anything you can forgive yourself today that you did not think you could in the past?

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