fu§! The New Year resolutions this year, here is why

I want to be frank with you and tell you to fu§! The New Year resolutions this year, do this instead Resolutions is like dieting, not working right? (If it has for you, hooray for you and let me know your secret. please!)

For most of us our body`s get´s into starve mode. And when that happens you want the "bad" things even more, am I right? Instead.

And here is where the wonderful happens. Add MORE good thing to your life, that will make less room for the bad stuff.

Resolutions is for many of us something that makes us feel great and inspired in one hand. But it also makes us feel worried and often time guilty for not sticking to them.

They also make us feel pressure and pressure is not the way to make something happen.. happen. It's like the muscles in our body. If someone is digging into your muscles with force, your body and muscles will contract to protect itself. Then again, if you instead go slow and easy, the body opens up and you can go even deeper in the muscle and get a deeper healing.

That is what my Thai precise is all about. And I'm gonna use the same thought going into the new year. It is also the same thought that my online course Reset-To-Happy is all about.

Let´s get rid of the guilt, stress and anxiety of the new year. Start (for real) to get rid of old patterns and get to know you again. Find the happy, healthy person you know deep inside is there. The part of yourself who knows when things come up and why it does, and know hot they rid of it.

Your turn, comment below:

Share one thing you can promise yourself to not to promise yourself This year.

My "non" promise" will be to move my body more, more dancing, teaching and more choreographing , things that will make room for the "have to because it is New Years" stuff.






This year is coming to an end and we are soon arriving to 2015.

i always feel surprised of how fast the year pass me by.

But I always feel happy, mostly relieved and ready for something new.

Why do we feel like that?

Personally I think of all the things that did not go as well as I wanted, and I am determent that next year will be better. Recognize yourself? Maybe you are not feeling like that at all, I just know I am not alone.

But I actually want to change that a little bit.

Not that I want you not to think that things will get better. But I want you to get rid of all the bad feelings that has been luring. I want you to get rid of the GUILT! That is such a hugh feeling many of us carrying with us. The guilt of what we did not do/did not have time to/or hope we would have.

Instead, let´s celebrate this moment when you read this. Let´s celebrate this present moment and each moment we have from now on.

Let´s celebrate the year that has been and whatever guilt or regrets we have. See them as a part of the road we are on.

Get rid of the pressure of making next year perfect.

Instead, take one breath and step at a time. Things will go great, things will go wrong, but remember that you are where you are suppose to be in this exact moment.

Let´s celebrate this year that has been and the year to come in a realistic, one day at a time feeling.

You are doing the best that you can. If you don´t believe that is true, it is! It truly is. You are who you are you are perfect.

I have created a E-Book about how we can take care of ourselves in the best ways over the holidays. Feel free to check out my Self-Care Holidays, a guide to a happy holiday and life here

Enjoy each moment!


In this weeks newsletter I was brutally honest about why I am stepping down to blogging every week. Sign up to read the whole letter. Because it is very personal I only share this with ny newsletter subscriber

From now on I will post a blog every other week going forward. Maybe in the future I feel loaded and ready start posting every week again, but right now, I need to focus on what makes me truly happy, cause what makes me happy and inspired, will also become the best material, courses, blogs, for you.

I challenge you today to look at your life and see if there is anything that you are doing that is not as fun anymore, or maybe fun but more stressful than fun. is there anyway to cut back on it?

Remember, Reset To Happy - course lanches on Monday October 27th. The last day to sign up is this Friday 24th, 12noon Easter time.

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I will launch it again in the beginning of 2015.

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