Forgive yourself, that is the only thing you need to do today

You know that voice that come from inside, the negative aspect of every being that pushes you down?

I have been and are still struggling with that voice, telling me what an ugly failed being I am.

But after years of just letting it swirl around, I started to talk back to it. I started to discuss with it why it needs to be there and why it keeps telling me negative things.

That did not really help..

It was when I started to add COMPASSION into myself that things started to change. Whenever the voice came up I started to forgive it and feel love and compassion for it. I noticed how the "voice" got confused at first, but the compassion and love I put into myself helped made the voice get less loud and the forgiveness slowly opened up blockages, which I then could let go.

What I know now is that alot of what that voice really are is memories, patterns and emotional blockages that has gotten stuck from growing up. And from not forgiving myself for inrooted memories and blockages, the voice got stuck on repeat.

In Nuad Thai Yoga we believe that emotional issues shows up physically in the body as aches, pains, tightness and many other issues. Thai helped me release emotional blockages that had been hidden in different part of the body. Keeping forgiving myself helps me to stop adding further blockages and emotional problems. It´s all connected.


Now when the voice comes up I embrace myself and tell myself "I forgive you" I forgive myself for all that I have done, things that happen, thought I have had..

Remember, there is nothing to wait for. Don´t wait for the right time, forgive yourself now, i this moment. The past and the future are history and fiction. You only have this moment.

Try it today and comment below, did you found a shift? anything you can forgive yourself today that you did not think you could in the past?

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fu§! The New Year resolutions this year, here is why

I want to be frank with you and tell you to fu§! The New Year resolutions this year, do this instead Resolutions is like dieting, not working right? (If it has for you, hooray for you and let me know your secret. please!)

For most of us our body`s get´s into starve mode. And when that happens you want the "bad" things even more, am I right? Instead.

And here is where the wonderful happens. Add MORE good thing to your life, that will make less room for the bad stuff.

Resolutions is for many of us something that makes us feel great and inspired in one hand. But it also makes us feel worried and often time guilty for not sticking to them.

They also make us feel pressure and pressure is not the way to make something happen.. happen. It's like the muscles in our body. If someone is digging into your muscles with force, your body and muscles will contract to protect itself. Then again, if you instead go slow and easy, the body opens up and you can go even deeper in the muscle and get a deeper healing.

That is what my Thai precise is all about. And I'm gonna use the same thought going into the new year. It is also the same thought that my online course Reset-To-Happy is all about.

Let´s get rid of the guilt, stress and anxiety of the new year. Start (for real) to get rid of old patterns and get to know you again. Find the happy, healthy person you know deep inside is there. The part of yourself who knows when things come up and why it does, and know hot they rid of it.

Your turn, comment below:

Share one thing you can promise yourself to not to promise yourself This year.

My "non" promise" will be to move my body more, more dancing, teaching and more choreographing , things that will make room for the "have to because it is New Years" stuff.






This year is coming to an end and we are soon arriving to 2015.

i always feel surprised of how fast the year pass me by.

But I always feel happy, mostly relieved and ready for something new.

Why do we feel like that?

Personally I think of all the things that did not go as well as I wanted, and I am determent that next year will be better. Recognize yourself? Maybe you are not feeling like that at all, I just know I am not alone.

But I actually want to change that a little bit.

Not that I want you not to think that things will get better. But I want you to get rid of all the bad feelings that has been luring. I want you to get rid of the GUILT! That is such a hugh feeling many of us carrying with us. The guilt of what we did not do/did not have time to/or hope we would have.

Instead, let´s celebrate this moment when you read this. Let´s celebrate this present moment and each moment we have from now on.

Let´s celebrate the year that has been and whatever guilt or regrets we have. See them as a part of the road we are on.

Get rid of the pressure of making next year perfect.

Instead, take one breath and step at a time. Things will go great, things will go wrong, but remember that you are where you are suppose to be in this exact moment.

Let´s celebrate this year that has been and the year to come in a realistic, one day at a time feeling.

You are doing the best that you can. If you don´t believe that is true, it is! It truly is. You are who you are you are perfect.

I have created a E-Book about how we can take care of ourselves in the best ways over the holidays. Feel free to check out my Self-Care Holidays, a guide to a happy holiday and life here

Enjoy each moment!


In this weeks newsletter I was brutally honest about why I am stepping down to blogging every week. Sign up to read the whole letter. Because it is very personal I only share this with ny newsletter subscriber

From now on I will post a blog every other week going forward. Maybe in the future I feel loaded and ready start posting every week again, but right now, I need to focus on what makes me truly happy, cause what makes me happy and inspired, will also become the best material, courses, blogs, for you.

I challenge you today to look at your life and see if there is anything that you are doing that is not as fun anymore, or maybe fun but more stressful than fun. is there anyway to cut back on it?

Remember, Reset To Happy - course lanches on Monday October 27th. The last day to sign up is this Friday 24th, 12noon Easter time.

This is the first and only time I will launch this course for FREE. All I want for you is to take the course and give me feedback to make it even greater.

I will launch it again in the beginning of 2015.

Tell anyone you think would to reset their body and mind.

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Facing your anxiety won’t cause harm to your body. Ignoring it will.

I have been working my buns of these last couple of months and I cannot believe that it is almost time. I am launching my online program Reset To Happy and I would love to see you be a part of it. Wherever you are in the world, you can join.

One important thing I learned through this process that I want to share with you to hopefully encourage you, is to when it comes to things that you want to do but don´t feel ready for. START BEFORE YOU ARE READY!

Cause you know what? you will never feel ready, and that means you will wait for something that will probably never show up.

So even if it is scary, and maybe you might even fall in the beginning, you wont know and you wont MOVE FORWARD if you don´t start.

Just a few weeks ago I was terrified and thought I would never full it off. But I did it anyways and now I am launching soon!

If I can, you can!

So go take your first step to make your dreams come true.What can you do today to start your journey of making your dreams come true?

Comment below!

About The course!

I am here to tell you that you have the power to get over destructive emotions and thinking patterns.. The truth is that you already have the key. Everything you will ever need is inside you.


And it is so important that you do something about it. Cause unless you don´t, the body and mind will suffer, and with time it will just get worse.


You just need to know how to access the true source within yourself. That is why I created a program to help you back to happy.


What if you could release emotional issues and stop the aches and pains,  release it by knowing how to, and find the true source for your suffering.


I happen to believe that there is a physical way to get your stress level down and make the anxiety go away.


Thinking that you don´t have time to deal with it all so that you are keeping it bottled up? Many of us do cause it is a very normal part of being human.


Here is something very crucial you need to know


Things are already coming up for you. And if not emotionally such as stress, anxiety, it might be pains through your body

The body is smart. If you are keeping "stuff" inside you, the body will react to it and try to either push it away or try and hide it.


The longer you keep things bottled up, the bigger the chance is that it will become bigger.


Feel that you can´t keep up? you are going along your day, but you don´t feel present.


You run on habit without really  feeling what is really happening.


Is negative thinking running your life?


Take control of your emotions and physical well being, enough is enough

I know how it is to walk around with anxiety.

Never knowing when it

will throw you off balance.

Want to know more, go here

I am so excited to share this with you, and the entire course is totally for free! You can do this course from wherever you are in the world.


And please, share this with anyone you think

could benefit from this course!



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