Why I kept eating when I was not hungry


Why? Cause it has taken me my whole life so far to realize that I was not listening to my body. 
I thought I was listening to my body. When I thought I was hungry I eat, when I thought needed sleep, I rested.

The problem was I never really felt satisfied, Not food wise, and I just kept getting more tired.

Then, a couple of years ago something started stirring inside me.

I started reading about mindfulness (which was pretty much a new concept for me) and articles about what the feeling of hunger and different reasons to feeling tired is.

I have had a deeper source or understanding far down in my mind, but it was not before a couple of years ago that I started to understand what it really was.

That was when I realized that what I thought was hunger was not really hunger, what I thought was me needing rest, that was not true either.

What was wrong?

To cut it short – I had been listening to my emotions my entire life, instead of my physical body.
That was when things got much clearer.


I started noticing that when I felt any emotions. happy, sad, stressed, my mind went straight to what I should put inside my body, to eat. Because my mind did not want to stay in that state, or if it was a good emotion, like happiness, it was looking for a bigger kick.


I noticed that when I started to exercise more, and eat better I got less tired, and my sleep patterns got much healthier. I still love (and need) to sleep, but I can now see a difference in when I need to rest, and when I need to get my booty moving.


This was the beginning of a long journey of self work and realization.



I have been working hard on getting to know my own body, physically and mentally, it will be a life time learning, and it´s a very interesting one.
I have come so far from just a couple of years ago when I was not sure about what my body was telling me.

Now after much studying of my Nuad Thai Yoga practice, anatomy, mindfulness, spiritual and other amazing mentors and teachers, I want to share what I have learn t to you.

If you are struggling with your own body and the connection between thoughts, emotions (self care) and what your body is really telling you, I am creating a program “ResetToHappy” where you will go through your entire body from feet to head, where you step by step will experience your body and the connection with your mind on the way. It all will coll-orate with meditation and breathing.

I believe that the connection and understanding where we keep tension and emotional blockages in our body, can help us understand so much about ourselves– and from that release old habits and patterns – from that – get back to happy into our body and mind.

Take action for some self realization, I would love to hear your thoughts.

What do you listen more to? Your mind or body, and why?

Comment below;


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10 days of silence

I just came back from a 10-days silent meditation course. (Vipassana)

People have asked me, how was it?

It took my a couple of days to know what to say.

In the upcoming weeks I will get deeper into what happen and what changes in my life and Nuad Thai Yoga practice it took.

This week I want to focus on something that I found not as hard as I thought it would be.

To be in noble silence where you don´t talk to anyone for 10 days. (Besides the teacher and a general manager when you had questions about the practice)

Being a person who have had the iPhone stuck to my hip for the last couple of years, and being used to talk to vent and connecting, I thought the silence would be very hard.

Also, knowing that I would be stuck with my own thoughts without escape (facebook,  emails, TV) that was very scary to me. Would things come up that I pushed down deep inside me? Would I suffer every moment of it?

The experience of a Vipassana meditation course is completely different from person to person, so what I experienced is totally individual.

What I experienced when the silence started was a big ease inside. A calm came over me. I felt relaxed and being in the present moment became easier than it has have been in many many years.

It was not scary to be alone with my thoughts, it was not scary to be silence. It was a big relief!

The meditation was hard many times, and things did come up. But the whole practice is about feeling your body's sensations, with a calm mind, so it´s not about thinking.

When I signed up I had no idea what it was about besides what I had heard and read. I just went with my gut, and I am so happy that I did.

Two big things I want to share with you this week that I learned and got confirmed:


  •  If you are scared of being alone with your own thoughts, challenge it and try it for yourself. Leave your phone at home for a couple of hours so that you can´t use that when you feel bored or restless. Or, do something around the house without music or anything that distract yourself. Just be with yourself. It´s not about letting your thoughts take over. It´s about staying in the present moment, exactly where you are there and then.


  • Listen to your gut, when you have a decisions to do. Scared to do so? Try it once this week, if you have a smaller decision to make and not sure what. Check in with your gut and just go with whatever it says.

Try these two things this week and report back here. What did you find out? Or maybe you did not find out anything, whatever happens or not, its all good:

Metta - Love and Compassion

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Want to know how to overcome failure?

"celebrate the effort, not the result" - Dr. Cathy Collautt

I heard this quote today and it floored me. It´s so true. Why do I keep forgetting that? Somewhere deep inside I know that is the truth. "Live in the moment" and "try your hardest" but sometimes I still feel like sh#t after I failed at something, not sure if I should try again or just give up all together.

Photo by: Mark S. Kornbluth

Photo by: Mark S. Kornbluth

When I heard this quote I knew it was true.

Why do we kicking ourselves when we fail? And why is it so hard to keep going afterwards?

For me I think there are something that is telling me that failing is not ok, failing is what losers do, if you fail, it´s no idea to keep going. Failing means; if you can´t succeed for the first time, it´s no use.

Now, listen to it while I am writing these words, I know in my heart that it´s not true at all. And writing it down make the words less true. Cause instead of letting them roll around in my head I put them down in words, which takes away their power.

I recommend you to do the same. When you fail or something happens that makes you wanna give up. Write the words down, exactly what your head tells you. Whatever you are telling yourself, it´s nothing to be ashamed about and it is something we all do.

When you have written the words down, look at them. Do you still believe them? Or are they just negative words that´s now in front of you instead of in your head. If you still believe them, you might wanna try and get more out. You want to get everything out!

Now when you have gotten the words out, bring your thoughts back to the "truth"

the truth? yes, you know, that your failure was not the end, but a step on your way to success.

Give yourself time to grief and really feel the disappointment, but don´t stay in it forever.

Now, when you have gotten over the worst part. Can you see why you failed? Can you see how it happen?

This is rough part but I want you to stay with me here. This is the part where you take responsibility to what happen and see your part in it. What was your part in the failure? What could you have done different? Did you not listen to your gut instinct? Did you not listen to the signs?

This is not a way for you to feel worse, this is where you find reasons why things failed and what you can learn from it. It`s not easy but if you get through it, you can then take that lesson with you and grow. And from that lesson I am pretty sure that your success is much closer.

That also means admit when it´s time to start over, try something else or just tweak things a little bit.

Moste important, be nice to yourself. Do not, I say do not blame yourself when you do this. See it as it is without bashing yourself.

"Feel and think about yourself like you would empathize take care of your closest friends." - Johanna Moritz

I know it´s hard, but who said things will be easy?

Do you use any techniques to get over failure? Please share in the comments below, and maybe you can help other people do the same:

It was when i saw Marie Forleo´s newest video 4-steps How to overcome failure  that I heard this quote. If you want to go deeper into this topic and get some great tools how to overcome failure and see it differently, watch the video!

"celebrate the effort, not the result" - Dr. Cathy Collautt

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