Lower back release – yes please!

I have problems with my lower back. If I don´t take care of myself my lower back starts to ache. In dance class I have to be super aware of how I align myself. Cause otherwise I feel it in my lower back the day after. Many of us have lower back issues and no wonder, It has to work hard for us keeping us straight. Strengthening your abdominal and the lower back muscles is a good start. And if makes us become aware of that specific area.

What can we do to help ourselves.. and what might be some of the reasons for lower back aches and pains..

Lack of sleep – make sure you get enough of sleep. If you feel that you don’t have the time. Look closely at your schedule and see what you can change to get more hours of sleep in. there are always a way and getting enough sleep might be the one thing that makes you more happier, healthier and more productive daytime. Enough sleep gives you more focus and good feeling. Don´t think to less of a good night sleep.

Stress – Is there anything you can change or shift in your life that brings down your stress levels? More sleep? Change diet? Exercise? Are you overworking? meaning you take on a lot more than you really need? It could be when someone asks you to pick up a package before work and drop of your friends friend to the airport. It’s all very nice things to do but sometimes its so important to be able to say NO to stuff, as it is to say yes and help others. Specially if you know that you don´t have the time for it. Maybe there are somebody else that has more time that can help. 

Saying no can help you feel less stressed and I am sure the people around you rather have a happy person in their presence then a person who takes to much on themselves and is just not as happy. Am  I right?

Posture - As much as you can, be aware of how you sit and your alignment. Are you hunching the shoulders forward. I understand that sitting at a desk for 8 hours daily is tough and having to think about your posture in the mean time can be both frustrating and exhausting.

If you can afford it, I would recommend you to look at your desk chair and if it´s not comfortable. It might be time to find a chair that is better for your body.

Another thing you can do is to take tiny breaks where you stand up and do some stretches, walking around your desk a couple of times and/or doing a couple of push ups. Treasure those moments like you treasure your coffee or tea in the morning.

Or introduce a dance break every 3 hours and get the whole office to get into it. very 3 hours music turns on and people dance for 5 mins. I would love that! ok, I know, that´s the dancer in me talking.. but I still love the idea!

Get a massage – getting regular body work done can alleviate lower back pain and get the circulation going.


It can be really nice laying down on a foam roller and roll out the muslces. Make sure it does not press directly on the spine. Because the foam roller is bigger it might be a little trickier point specific points. that is were the ball can come in handy.

Rolling out the hamstrings (backside of thing) and the front side of thing can help loosen up the lower back as well. Also get your pectorals and shoulders released.

Place a ball underneath you and feel for tension. It might release tension in muscles and because its smaller it can get to smaller more focused areas.

Please, do this on your own risk. If you have a injury or suspect anything wrong, go see your doctor before doing anything yourself. Listen to your body and never do anything that hurts or press on any bones.


What do you do to lesson lower back tension? Did you try any of the things in this post? How did it go?

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